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About us

Long Story Short is the content studio of Sportal Media Group. We work with brands to create beautifully crafted stories that move and inspire, across our media portfolio and across the globe. Through engaging storytelling, we find the sweet spot where our readers’ interests overlap with your brand goals.

By creating a special space for the brand in the media, we provide an immersive experience for the end consumer, not just another advertising space. Our projects are designed to solve complex marketing problems and be at the heart of digital campaigns.

What we offer

  • 01. Branded Content

    01. Branded Content

    Telling personal stories creates emotion and leaves a long-lasting mark in the consumer’s mind. And for brands, this is most effectively brought to life through the power of branded content. We create tailor-made native content in order to position your brand closer to the consumer.

  • 02. Custom Production

    02. Custom Production

    We have an experienced team of first-class journalists, photographers, designers, video creators and marketing specialists. We produce shareable content, designed to engage audiences through custom copyrighting, video production and innovative digital platforms, delivering attention-holding impact.

  • 03. Storytelling

    03. Storytelling

    Our formula is simple: Find the brand’s story, then tell it with the right mixture of words, images and emotion. We’ve learned that what it takes to get a reader emotionally and intellectually engaged is a good story. And indeed emotion uplifts the trust in brands.

Our work

(Archive) Betano: Alexander Vezenkov’s journey to the top

We initiated a comprehensive project focused on Alexander Vezenkov, the Bulgarian basketball sensation. Through a well-crafted blend of videos, articles, and exclusive interviews, we thoroughly documented Sasha's inspiring journey to success. Our extensive coverage delved into his remarkable career, from overcoming challenges to celebrating triumphs on the basketball court. This endeavor aimed to provide an engaging and captivating perspective on Sasha's profound influence on the basketball world and his unwavering dedication to the sport.

Takeaway: Journey to the Champions League Final 2023

Discover Takeaway's Unforgettable Football Project: Our crafted platform transformed the Champions League Final into an involving experience, right from Istanbul to our audience. Live reports, engaging social media, and captivating content united football enthusiasts worldwide, making them a part of history. They relived Manchester City's astounding treble achievement through our journey and connected with our audience like never before.

Audi: Skiing Down to the Top with Albert Popov

A comprehensive special project spotlighting Albert Popov's groundbreaking success in Alpine Skiing World Cup slalom, 2023. Delve into the behind-the-scenes story of his remarkable achievement through a series of captivating videos and an insightful interview, all presented on our platform.

SiteGround: Freeride with us

Explore the world of freeriding with SiteGround and the Freeride Team. Engage with exclusive athlete interviews and captivating visuals that celebrate the shared passion for adventure and dedication.

Samsung Galaxy Z fold: The workday does not mean a red card for the match

This year once again the world was football. As part of Samsung’s Fifa World Cup 2022 activation, we have developed custom creatives specially designed for Sportal.bg’s male audience. The core product that was the focus of the campaign was the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. We decided to visualize different situations during the day,  connecting the multitasking screen of the phone to the football passion.

Football is everywhere, so is banking: DSK bank World cup creative

As part of DSK bank Fifa World Cup 2022 activation, we have developed custom creative strategy, specially designed and suited for Sportal.bg’s male audience.

World Culinary Cup ’22 – Smells like a derby

World Culinary Cup is project created in Woman.bg more than 10 years ago and in 2022 was one of our most successful projects. We have created a culinary tournament  that matches the calendar of the actual World Football Cup '22. In our tournament, each country is represented by its traditional dish and our users can vote which one is the best.

Champion’s League – a throwback to the top five finals

Just Eat Takeaway.com is one of the biggest sponsors in the UEFA Champion's League and being such the brand shares a lot of similar values with the football fan. So for this year's UEFA Champion's League final, we gathered our sports editors and after long discussions came up with the top five historical finals.

Red Bull Plovdiv Showrun – Hello @DavidCoulthard

Red Bull organized an F1 Showrun event in Plovdiv and invited David Coulthard to drive a racing car. They asked us not only to do the live reporting but also to create a storytelling project presenting the legendary driver and the history behind the RB7 - a car that Vettel was driving when he became F1 World Champion.

Liverpool & Carlsberg – 30 years of true partnership

It has been exactly 30 years since Carlsberg joined forces with Liverpool FC. Our mission was to tell the incredible story of a glory club like Liverpool which was pursuing the Premier League trophy for 30 years, but also to show how dedication fit in the context of Carlsberg’s brand values.

Volkswagen – a new chapter with ID.3

Volkswagen is turning a new page in its history. After two significant milestones - the iconic Beetle and the ultimate small car Golf now is time to start a new chapter that is even more exciting - the electric one. It is called ID.3, and it's not a regular car. It’s an e-car.

Inside Philip Morris International: a company driven by innovations

We have developed an employer branding project for one of the most innovative companies worldwide - Philip Morris. It was a deep dive showcasing all aspects of managing transformation and what is driving the progress of PMI.

Scania on a mission to find professional drivers

Together with Scania we were on a mission - to find one thousand professional drivers with valid licenses and invite them to sign in for Scania Driver Competition.

(Archive) Efbet – a family company in the betting world

Efbet started as a family company and it still is today. Our mission was to show that innovation and family-driven entrepreneurship could go hand in hand. It’s a story worth rereading over and over again.

Movember in Sportal.bg

Originally born as a CSR campaign, three years in a row we are inviting professional sportsmen, actors, social figures, and doctors to talk about strength. Our mission: is to raise awareness and provoke men to be more open and take care of their health.

The trip of our beer expert to Zatec

Zatecky Hus was launched on the Bulgarian market and... Alexander - our editor by day, beer expert by calling, went to Zatec and shared the story of the small Czech town from where the world amous Zatec hop comes from.

St. Valentine’s academy for the sports fan

St. Valentine's is perceived as one of the most important days for women, so we made our Sportal Valentine’s academy for the sports fan because we knew how hard it is to be the player of the day.

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