Audi: Skiing Down to the Top with Albert Popov

The Idea:

Albert Popov’s exhilarating third-place finish in the Alpine Skiing World Cup slalom at Palisades Tahoe (USA), 2023 ignited a wave of celebration. He marked his place as the first Bulgarian to stand on the podium at the White Circus in 39 years, a feat previously achieved by Petar Popangelov in 1984. As part of our exclusive project with Audi, immediately upon his return, Albert Popov granted us an interview. This segment encapsulates the very essence of his accomplishment and journey.

The Challenge:

The remarkable ascent of Albert Popov demanded a storytelling approach that would resonate deeply with our audience. Our objective was to emphasize his victory and unwavering commitment in a manner that would captivate and inspire viewers.

The Insight:

Through a profound understanding of our audience’s preferences, we recognized the significance of going beyond the surface. People craved more than just results; they sought the emotional and behind-the-scenes journey that brings sports stories to life. This insight spurred us to craft a special project that would intimately connect users with Albert Popov’s inspiring journey.

What We Did:

Our content studio, Long Story Short Creative Lab, meticulously curated a special storytelling project that delved deep into Albert Popov’s achievement. The heart of this initiative was a platform that showcased an exclusive interview with Albert, conducted in the Sportal studio. Complementing the interview were a series of captivating videos and a written exploration, all aimed at providing a comprehensive view of his journey.


  • Our comprehensive content offering, encompassing the exclusive interview, engaging videos, and in-depth exploration, encapsulated Albert Popov’s triumphant journey.
  • Through masterful storytelling, we successfully conveyed the emotions and dedication that propelled Albert’s success, effectively resonating with our audience.
  • Albert’s exclusive interview, conducted within the Sportal studio, provided an intimate and behind-the-scenes perspective on his accomplishment.The initiative not only celebrated a remarkable sports accomplishment but also invited the audience to forge a deeper connection with the athlete, experiencing his journey and dedication firsthand.


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