St. Valentine’s academy for the sports fan

The idea:

Baileys is a drink usually chosen by women but the brand wanted to try and position itself also to the male audience. And where is the best best place to find the biggest digital male audience in Bulgaria? of course. We came up with an idea to support the brand’s St. Valentine’s communication so we did an academy for the sports fan. We knew our reader was so into the livescore that he probably had forgotten this significant day in a woman’s mind – the day of love. So we gave a couple of ideas for a last-minute gift. What goes better with the flowers – a bottle of Baileys of course.

The challenge:

Baileys is perceived as a women’s drink and we had to find the right way to approach the male audience on our websites but still, we had to respect the look and feel of the brand.

What we did:

We did the sport’s fan manifesto for St. Valentine’s day. A one-pager platform written by our sports editors. We wrote it in the language of our reader but we kept the romantic feel of the platform as well. Our copywriters then gave the final touch and with a spice of humour our reader was ready for the big day in every women’s life. Because we knew the 14th of February is one of the toughest opponents in every male’s life.