(Archive) Betano: Alexander Vezenkov’s journey to the top

The Idea:

Our concept was to encapsulate the remarkable journey of the Bulgarian basketball superstar Alexander Vezenkov to success through engaging videos and articles, all within the framework of a Special Sponsorship Activation Project in partnership with Betano. This approach aimed to take the audience on an exhilarating ride through Vezenkov’s achievements, creating a vivid and engrossing experience.

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The Challenge:

Our main hurdle was to create videos and articles that effectively conveyed the excitement, emotion, and impact of Sasha Vezenkov’s journey in a way that deeply resonated with our audience. We aimed to encapsulate his victories and challenges in a format that would engage and enthrall our users.

The Insight:

Through comprehensive analysis of our audience’s preferences and expectations, we discovered a demand for a more intimate and personal perspective into the lives of sports superstars. We recognized that beyond match outcomes, people craved stories, emotions, and behind-the-scenes moments. This insight motivated us to craft videos and articles that would forge a deeper connection between users and Alexander Vezenkov’s journey.

Our Approach:

To turn our vision into reality, we meticulously created videos and articles infused with various multimedia elements. We captured live reports, conducted exclusive interviews, and produced captivating content that illuminated Sasha Vezenkov’s journey to triumph. We interacted with fans through social media, offering interactive posts and thought-provoking interviews, ensuring an immersive experience.


  • Our videos and articles masterfully unfolded Sasha Vezenkov’s journey to stardom, affording fans a deep and engrossing perspective.
  • We effectively surmounted the challenge of translating genuine emotions and exhilaration into videos and articles, continuously captivating the audience.
  • Exclusive interviews with Sasha Vezenkov, his father, fellow players, and other basketball luminaries granted an intimate and exclusive understanding.
  • We chronicled pivotal moments, including his awe-inspiring comeback from injury, the triumphant grand finale, and the heartwarming support of ardent fans.
  • Our Special Sponsorship Activation Project featured
    158 Betano-branded videos, 200 exclusively branded articles,
    over 130 impactful social media posts, and 53 engaging stories,
    collectively reaching an impressive organic audience of 2,245,856.
    Furthermore, these posts garnered remarkable interaction, accumulating a total of 136,499 likes, comments, and shares, accompanied by an astounding 1,915,000 impressions.These highlights accentuate the triumph of our methodology, encompassing not merely the dissemination of sports news, but also the creation of an emotional nexus between enthusiasts and their icons. This endeavor enabled our audience to relive Sasha Vezenkov’s journey, immersing themselves in the exhilarating highs of a sports luminary’s career, all while being an integral part of the innovative Special Sponsorship Activation Project with Betano.

Published on 04.09.2023