Football is everywhere, so is banking: DSK bank World cup creative

The idea:

For the first time in history, the Fifa World Cup was at the same time with the most attractive annual event for all brands – the Christmas Holidays. This period is more than a shopping spree, it’s a period filled with passionate emotions from fans globally. We found the cross point between the emotion around the Fifa World Cup and the banking services of DSK Bank. Wherever you are, both football and banking are just one click away. 

This became the main focus of DSK Smart and DSK Direct services, because…. 

Football and banking are always around you, wherever you go.

The challenge:

All the visuals had to be related to football but still they also had to be in line with DSK bank’s corporate identity.

The insight:

Football is everywhere, so is banking.

What we did:

As part of DSK bank Fifa World Cup 2022 activation, we have developed custom creative strategy, specially designed and suited for’s male audience. We have started with the slogan “Само гледай (Just watch the game)“ which was related to the easy way DSK online and mobile banking works, so that you can just sit and enjoy the game. Then we have created custom copies and designed visuals in different formats, as well as a special landing page where the audience could find more information about the DSK products.