(Archive) Efbet – a family company in the betting world

The idea:

It is not every day that you get a chance to visit what we call “The home of the sport’s thrill”. Literally. When we started working on the efbet employer branding project, we got invited behind the scenes of the sports betting world and found out everything there is to know about betting: odds, handicaps, cashing out, and the world of a trader. Efbet started as a family company and it still is today. Our mission was to show that innovation and family-driven entrepreneurship could go hand in hand. It’s a story of a family business worth re-reading over and over again. 

What we did:

We have developed a special employer branding project with a tailored-made design, telling the story behind the curtains of one of the most successful Bulgarian betting companies, through interviews of the employees, photography but also through compelling storytelling and copywriting. Our goal – find the most skilled work professionals that can fit into the company and explain what it means to be a trader. What is the chance that someone will enter the office of the largest sports betting bookmaker in Bulgaria and start asking questions like “what are sports bets”, “what is the profession of a trader” and “what is this coefficient”. Small. So small that no one would bet on it. But we looked inside the modern efbet office, asking exactly these questions to a group of about 90 traders. Some of them are ex-footballers, others current fans and others are mathematicians, but all of them are driven by the thrill of sport.


Published on 12.05.2022