Liverpool & Carlsberg – 30 years of true partnership

There are no impossible things for believers

The story:

It has been exactly 30 years since Carlsberg joined forces with Liverpool FC and since then they have never stopped believing in each other. Our mission was to tell the incredible story of a glory club like Liverpool which was pursuing the Premier League trophy for 30 years, but also to show how visionary thinking, hard work, dedication, trust, and team spirit fit in the bigger context of Carlsberg’s brand values.

When you think of a football club and beer company, what do they have in common? Their way of thinking. They believe that there is always room for improvement and to achieve something bigger. Improving yourself and then the world around you – this connects Liverpool, Carlsberg and their fans worldwide.

What we did:

In 2020 Liverpool FC finally won in Premier League. It was a year to be remembered not only because it was the end of 30 years of waiting for a championship title, but also because behind the mere commercial element of sponsorship there was a bigger story to be told. One of the shared values and beliefs.

We used our greatest asset – our sports editors, who helped us write an engaging tale for two target audiences – the FC Liverpool fans and everyone else who is obsessed with witnessing football history in the making.


Turning sceptics into believers, so that Liverpool can return to the top of the Premier League after 30 years of waiting was not an easy challenge but we have managed to provoke huge excitement in the football fans.


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