Inside Philip Morris International: a company driven by innovations

The story:

The company was going through an internal transformation and wanted to use it as part of a talent acquisition strategy. When our team was brainstorming how to position an innovative company such as Philip Morris International,  it became evident that this project had to show the company through the eyes of its employees and share their stories. Our editor had to deep dive into the atmosphere of PMI and actually spent 2 weeks as an employee in order to get to know all the management and the employees.

The challenge:

PMI as a company with strong corporate guidelines, there were strict regulations regarding how we should speak to the end consumer. We had to follow all their company guidelines and tone of voice but also build content for our audience. We had to find the right professionals among our more than 2 million audience and communicate the project to them.

What we did:

Innovation is at the core of PMI’s brand values and it became evident that this project had to be a deep dive, showcasing all aspects of the company’s managing transformation and driving progress. We have developed a special employer branding project with a tailored-made design, telling the story behind the curtains of one of the most successful companies worldwide, through interviews of the employees, videos, photography but also through compelling storytelling and copywriting. Our goal – find more skilled work professionals that can fit into the company and show the world what is it being an innovation leader in the market.