Samsung Galaxy Z fold: The workday does not mean a red card for the match

The idea:

This year once again the world was football. As part of Samsung’s Fifa World Cup 2022 activation, we have developed custom creatives specially designed for’s male audience. The core product that was the focus of the campaign was the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. We decided to visualize different situations during the day,  connecting the multitasking screen of the phone to the football passion.

The insight:

The Samsung Galaxy Z fold has a split screen option, so you can watch the game and send emails simultaneously.

What we did:

Firstly, we developed a series of copies that were inspired by the phone’s main feature – the foldable display.  As most of the matches were during worktime , we wanted to show that you can watch the match and work at the same time. We have also developed custom advertorial for – a manual on how to watch the match during the day and still be focused on your meetings. We have shown how the Samsung Z fold has a multi-split screen option and the consumer can watch a match on the left side of the screen and write an email on the right side.



(Product placement)