SiteGround: Freeride with us

The Idea

SiteGround’s collaboration with Long Story Short unfolded as a dynamic initiative to craft an exceptional project. Inspired by their sponsorship of the Bulgarian Freeride Team, we conceived a unique platform brimming with captivating interviews and imagery of the skiers and snowboarders.

The Challenge

Embracing the distinctive essence of SiteGround’s partnership with the Bulgarian Freeride Team, we aimed to produce a project that radiated innovation. Our goal was to create a digital space that not only celebrated the sport but also showcased the unity between the sponsor and the team, setting it apart from traditional collaborations.

The Insight

We recognized the potential to deliver something beyond the ordinary. It became evident that by fusing their commitment to the sport and their sponsorship endeavors, we could fashion an exceptional storytelling platform, one that encapsulated the heart and spirit of both entities.

What We Did

In a synergistic effort, we brought the project to life. Collaboratively, we curated a space that spotlighted in-depth interviews with the athletes, accompanied by an array of compelling visuals. This digital haven seamlessly merged SiteGround’s brand ethos with the freeride team’s spirit, creating an engaging experience for enthusiasts and spectators alike.


  • The result emerged as a harmonious fusion of SiteGround’s brand narrative and the Freeride Team’s steadfast dedication, striking a chord with the viewers.
  • The platform showcased a series of intimate athlete interviews and captivating visuals, vividly depicting the team’s journey.
  • Through this endeavor, SiteGround not only supported the team but also established an interactive hub that bridged their sponsorship with the passion for freeride, fostering a sense of united purpose.


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