Movember in

The idea:

Having the largest male audience is a pride, but it is also a responsibility. 71% of our monthly users are men who rely on us to give them the latest news from the world of sports. But there are also other things we want to tell them. And they are as important as the final result of the match. Originally born as a CSR campaign, three years in a row we are inviting professional sportsmen, actors, social figures, and doctors to talk about strength and what it feels to be a man. Our mission: is to raise awareness and provoke men to be more open about their mental state and to take care of their health.

The challenge:

Talk about a serious problem but create content easily digestible for our audience.

The insight:

Our partners for this project Aci Badeem City Clinic gave us the insight that men are less willing to share and go on routine checkups.

What we did:

We created an identity for the campaign with a logo, slogan and special platform – We invited celebrity men to talk about masculinity in all its dimensions – on the field, on stage, in the office, and in life. We organised a dedicated photoshoot with all our guests and talked about masculinity. The idea was to tackle a serious problem and raise awareness through lifestyle interviews which are easily digestible. Every year we are partnering with one of the biggest hospitals, cosmetic brands, pharma brands and fashion retailers which are supporting us in our cause.

With the help of our partners Aci Badem City Clinic we have organised and actively communicated free checkups for our readers.  Every year our celebrity guests are extremely glad for participating.


We were partnering with one of the biggest local hospitals who gave us 100 free checkups for our audience during the campaign. All the appointments were fully booked of readers that saw about our campaign.


Campaign partners: