Volkswagen – a new chapter with ID.3

The idea:

When you have to switch to driving an electric vehicle, a lot of questions pop up in one’s mind. And in the case of VW where tradition in engine development is crucial, how do you explain to the average Passat owner that he should ditch his internal combustion engine and start circling electrical sockets? A simple banner probably won’t work. We have created a special storytelling platform to explain the philosophy of electric mobility and show our audience how much fun it is to drive an e-car. Because every customer’s journey should start with excitement, not price offers. 

The challenge:

The electric vehicle category has one problem – people worry about the practical side and the battery life. As the first electric generation of Volkswagen, the ID series should show that driving an electric car is like the thrill of driving for the first time.

What we did:

We have developed a special page dedicated to electric mobility and the new launch of VW – the ID.3. We have started with a quick recap of what is the meaning behind buying an electric car and we dived deeper into the world of electromobility.

But we had to test the car by ourselves and see whether what is written is actually true. So we took the ID.3 on a road trip around Sofia to the city’s most iconic places and we showed what is the emotion of driving an EV. We have filmed a 4k video with day and night shots, as well as drone footage. Then our experienced team did the whole editing and postproduction. And Voila! Check the video here: